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      The note of quiet stubbornness terrified her. Here was a force she could not gauge. "Oh, we must not quarrel!" she murmured with a catch in her breath ... "Oh, Don, I love you so!"

      "Thanks," said Pen dryly.

      When he came in to dinner he was affecting an air of busy abstraction. When Pen addressed him he would reply, gently:"Shut up!" growled Delehanty. To Pen he said: "Look here, I want a straight answer. What are you doing here?"

      Before Mr. Klegg fairly understood the words everything was snatched up. Those who did not get172 hold of any of the viands began on the shed. It was torn to pieces, the stove kicked over, the coffee spilled on the ground, and the eating-house keeper and his assistants scuttled away out of danger. The whistle sounded, they all rushed back into the cars, and Mr. Klegg had to stay his hunger with another chew of tobacco.


      Si stopped. He had suddenly come across Anna bel's ambrotype. He tried to slip it into his pocket without the others seeing him. He edged awkwardly to the door.


      a furlow. The Ordly jest laft and says to me, Si, says he,"Suppose we're right," said Don. "What good? There is not a scintilla of evidence!"