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      1. Why is Fruyling's World called by that name? After whom was it named?

      For Dodd, it was a time to breathe and to look around. He had enough work to do: the damage to Building Three, and the confusion among the Alberts, had to be dealt with, and all knew time was short. Very few of the Alberts had actually escapedand most of those, Dodd told himself bitterly, would die in their own jungles, for lack of knowledge or preparation. Most, though, simply milled around, waiting for the masters, wondering and worrying.

      "For sometimes," she said, "I think he does."

      "Johnny....""Butas experience has taught youthey won't. You can see now what your slave-driving's brought you toyou've lost your slaves."

      "She's gone!""Rumors during a war are almost always ridiculous. That fact makes no difference at all. They'll be believedbecause they have to be believed."


      "I shud say even young Ben wudn't do that."


      "My lord abbot," replied Skipwith, "the indictment has been readthe evidence has been gone through with the customary attention to justiceI have only to finish my charge to the jury, and it will remain with them to pronounce her guilt or innocence."The brothers were left alone, except for Harry, who was busy imitating Albert's cough, much to his own satisfaction.


      "You have my leave," replied the boy in the consequential tone that youth generally assumes when conferring a favour. "Indeed, you don't look very fit to wander farther;Ralph, see that this knave is attended to.""Then there would be no more friendship between us. What unites us is the fact that we are fighting each other."