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      About what? demanded Larry, and Dick nodded to show he wanted an answer also.

      For reply Larry strode over to the metal door set in the wall for use when anyone chose to enter or leave the hangar.The foregoing record of my experiences in Louvain will make it sufficiently clear to the unprejudiced reader that the destruction and wholesale murders were nothing but wanton crimes committed by the German troops stationed there, crimes which it is impossible to justify on any ground.

      One little thing bothered Sandy at that point in his musing: why had Jeff not made away with the life preserver at once?74

      A two-place biplane? asked Larry.



      I felt very sick, for the sweet rye-bread which I had forced down my throat in the morning did not agree with me at all. At last I felt so ill that I162 was obliged to lie down on the floor of the car, and it took my colleague all his time to convince me that he did not think that my last hour had struck.II.


      The sun was already setting, and became still redder, making still more abominable and more infernal the glare of the burning town. Nobody moved about in this abode of death.